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For decades, tech companies have been aggregating consumer attention with free or subsidized products and selling aggregated consumer models based on behavioral data. This business model defined the first generation of big tech companies of the 90s and 2000s.

Free-to-use products from companies like ByteDance, Google, and Meta that rely on a "you are a product" model have scaled enormously over the past two decades. Now, they control the majority of consumers' online experiences, dictating which brands and products consumers are exposed to with very little transparency or control on the consumer side. All of the behavioral data produced is the property of these companies at the moment, which reduces consumer mobility and freedom of choice.


Consumers are the sole owners of digital traces and should be able to decide how their behavioral data is used in any digital interaction. They should have full ownership and power over the means of monetization of that data and receive a share in the economic exchange of goods and services.


The mission is to provide an open and secure interaction layer between consumers and brands, giving consumers complete control and ownership of their zero- and first-party data and brands access to in-depth personalization capabilities, which makes products and services more affordable for consumers.


Consumers deserve complete privacy and anonymity in online retail transactions if desired. In this information age, consumers are also producers, so they should have full ownership and control over their digital footprints. Nune is committed to promoting fair commerce, where consumers and brands can connect on open and neutral ground without compromising the privacy and anonymity of the former. Nune is dedicated to empowering individuals with control over their data and promoting a more equitable exchange of personal information online.


Nune is prioritizing the needs of consumers by providing a platform with shopping apps that help consumers discover the best products and brands, locate good deals, and quickly access the most relevant product information by leveraging in-depth consumer-owned shopping identity.

Eventually, Nune will invite brands to participate by enabling them to create highly personalized consumer experiences for consumers that leverage in-depth consumer-owned and -controlled shopping identities. This will increase conversion rates, reduce returns for brands/retailers, and make products more affordable for consumers.

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